What is a bicycle that would be good for a handicapped child to ride?

I would like something that would be relatively safe for a child with epilepsy to ride. Maybe even a three wheeler or a tandem bike that I could help her ride with. Where could I get something like this?
She is eleven years old.
She is about seventy pounds and rather unsteady.

Written By Soniamiller

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  • Ben March 25, 2009, 7:20 pm

    You don't say how old. If she is young a tandem recumbent would probably be best. If she can ride alone a trike would be a good idea, because of its inherent stability.

    I have a niece who suffers from epilepsy and also has cerebral palsy and she is just not stable enough to safely sit on a conventional bicycle.

    They are expensive, but you can even find tandems that have a recumbent style seat in the front and a standard bicycle type "stoker" setup in the rear. I see every imaginable combination of these each year riding across Iowa on RAGBRAI.

    I've put some links below that might be helpful.

    It's really good of you to think of helping this child in this way. I once rode a blind young man 100 miles on the back of my tandem and he told me it was the most fun he'd had since he lost his sight.