What is a good diet when you have a diabetes (high blood sugar)?

I just got news that I have diabetes. I do not have really high blood sugar when I have to use insulin, but the doctor said I definitely need to go on a diet. Would you be kind to advise me on a good diet, please?

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  • Yarra February 16, 2009, 4:48 am

    It is important that you talk with your physician or dietician when designing you meal plan, coz the dietary needs of individuals may vary. So it's better to get professional advice. The followings are a general guideline.

    •Lower the fat intake, especially saturated fat.

    •Limit the use of refined sugar

    •Select carbohydrates with low glycemic index (GI) value. Low glycemic value means they increase our blood sugar level slowly, not very dramatically, which is important in diabetes. Carbohydrates rich in fiber are examples for these: like whole grain bread, rice and grains still with the seed cover.
    •Eat regular small servings, spreading the daily portion of carbohydrate throughout each meal.

    •Avoid over-consumption of highly processed food; you know food like fast food, instant noodles, white bread etc.

    •Eat three to five servings of vegetables daily. But don’t eat too much starchy vegetables like potato, yams. Choose beans, cucumber, cabbage, green leafy vegies etc.

    •Fruits can be taken in moderation. Avoid too much of sugary fruits though.

    •Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol can cause two special problems. One is that it contains lots of energy that may not have been included into your meal plan. Also alcohol may impair your judgment about what food is good for you and what is bad.

    It is important that you take regular moderate exercises. Exercises help you manage diabetes properly. But speak with your physician first, before you start an exercise plan. Get his advice on which exercise suits you and in which intensity and frequency.

    Read lots of articles from good sources and be empowered about your condition. Don’t panic. It a condition that can be properly managed. It is important that you maintain a positive attitude. It is possible to have diabetes and lead a normal healthy happy life, if you follow healthy life habits, regarding food, exercises, timely medical check ups etc.

    I'll include two links for you to start with.


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