What is a good way to keep my fibromyalgia pain under control, without lots of drugs.?

I've had this horrible illness for two years and have gone through all of its ups and downs. I'm ready to get my life back together and find the "me" I once knew. But the PAIN…it's always there!!! I want to exercise and get fit and healthy, but when it hurts, it's really hard to do. I take several meds that are helping, but I need more relief than what I'm getting. Someone help!!!!!!!!!! If there are answers out there, please send them my way. I thank you in advance.

Written By Nurse007

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  • wanda.farmer3 January 31, 2009, 11:59 am

    I suffered from fibromyalgia for 3 years plus had other cronic pain issues on top of it. I now have my pain under control. Here is what I did. 1) sleeping on a regular shcdual getting your 8 hrs is key. Get sleeping pills if you need them I did. 2)Ask your doctor or look for excersices designed for Fibro. I dont remember what they are. but doing those helped. They are mostly streaches but modified so they dont hurt as much as regular ones. They still hurt a bit to do but do them gradually. Dont over do it. 3) I took tramadol (cant spell sorry) for the pain only when I need it. It is not very strong but strong enough just a few steps above motrin. Sometimes I took that with a motrin. 4) just doing what you have to in spite of the pain telling your self I refuse to stay like this I am just gonna do it, and doing it. Take your time though so what if it takes an hour to do 5 min worth of dishes. You did it.

    I am not totally pain free but it is managable now. I still have flare ups but I follow the steps above and get it back under controll quickly. It took 3 years to get here though. Have patience.

    Also, Stress hurts. Be careful not to get stressed or angry. When you do try to breath and relax.