What Is Being Done To Prevent Alcohol Abuse?

I am in year 12 studying AS Health and Social Care and i am doing a piece of work on alcohol, i wonder if you could give me some information about how alcohol links with crime in the UK, is there getting to be more and more alcohol related crimes? where are the alcohol related crimes mostly situated? what do you do to try and stop alcohol abuse?

To answer your query, different health centers and governments around the globe offer various measures to help their community at their alcohol abuse problems. It might be better to visit your local health center to gather data. There are lots of resources online where you can find quality information about the alcohol abuse situation in the UK. A person can do a lot if he sincerely wants to make a change. The articles that I’ll link below might be able to help.

Prevent Alcohol Abuse In Your Family First

Prevent Alcohol Abuse In Your Family First

Measures To Prevent Alcohol Abuse

Preventing Alcohol Abuse and Related Problems – Alcohol Alert No …
There are laws that prohibit people at drinking alcohol but the change should start from the household. Talk with your family members about the dangers of alcohol abuse and mean what you say.

Ten Tips for Prevention for Youth
These alcohol abuse prevention tips are helpful for the young people in your household. Young people are reckless at what they do and that attributes to their rebellious nature. Talk to them and save them from alcohol abuse before it is too late.

Preventing Alcohol Abuse: Alcohol, Culture, and Control
There’s so much to learn from this e-book with the likes of alcohol abuse, ways to prevent alcohol abuse, prevention of alcohol abuse among youth, how to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, and how to prevent alcohol abuse in teenagers.

You might want to read these interesting articles about alcohol abuse prevention. Read these informative articles from Treatment Solutions and Addictions and Recovery.

Prevent drug and alcohol abuse in teenagers today. Help someone from becoming an alcohol dependent.

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  • Catherine January 15, 2009, 11:36 pm

    i didn't live in UK .but i know the alcohol links with the crime.
    it's very common all around the world.
    i think in such two situations people always drink wine,one is when they met sth happy,the other is for the opposites reason.the later one seems more common, they depend on the alcohol's energy to do sth they want ,but can not do in usual time.
    what one person have done is not enough,the only thing we should do is that persuade them not to drink too much.

    i have no other good idea,sorry can not help you.