Acne Removal, Inexpensive Means

Acne Removal, Know Better Now

Acne Removal, Know Better Now

How to Remove Acne Without Spending too Much Money and Effort?

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Acne Removal, Understand Better Today

Question: Some tips for health, please. I get pimples and acne, but not huge breakout acne! What do you think is the best treatments for this? Nothing real expensive or are there any home remedies you know about? I would rather know about the treatments you can buy though.


Here’s a simple formula for keeping the acne away.

1. Go Buy two face cleaners: 1 clearsil pads and 1 apricot scrub
– Use clearsil pad to clean your face every morning and before bed. (Wash face with water, dry, use pad, don’t dry).
– Apricot scrub. Use this at least once a week. Best to use every other day though. Easiest to use in shower. After use then use clearsil pad.
2. Use rubbing alcohol for spot reduction. Dip Q tip in rubbing alcohol and apply to pimple before bed.
3. Don’t cause scars: Don’t pick if you don’t have to.
4. Keep your hair clean. Our hair has so much oil in it (even dry hair). Many people don’t realize that a lot of acne comes from hair. This means shower at least every other day.
5. Keep your pillow case clean. Wash weekly. If you don’t have washer and dryer then wash in bathtub. It holds a lot of oil!
6. If you are a female you can also buy some concelear. If you can afford it buy oil free concelear (like Physicians Formula). If not then buy 99 cent concelear (wet n wild brand is cheap). You can use this to cover up acne while in public and for some reason i think it helps to wear it.
7. Drinks lots of water!!!

If you can’t afford to buy acne products listed above there are home remedy formulas.
Instead of clearsil pads apply rubbing alcohol with cloth.
Instead of apricot scrub mix oil free soap with sugar (I used to keep a glass jar of sugar in my bathroom).

If this doesn’t work you can ask your doctor to prescribe Benzol Peroxide (use it in place of the cleansing pads), it’s a bit stronger.

You can’t get rid of scars until you’ve been acne free for 3 months. At this time you can start using scar meds. like Mederma.

Tip: Hot water opens pores so you can clean them out. Cold water closes them.

Tip: Don’t ever rub face dry with a towel. Either blot dry or let air dry. Towel particles clog up pores.

Additional Information:
If your skin gets dry after using products it probably means you have skin that’s on the dry side to begin with. Buy a moisturizer or facial lotion that is oil free and use after applying cleansing product (and before applying makeup if you use it).

Hair is very oily. You should wash hair before bed to prevent this problem. And don’t condition the top of your hair, only from the nape of the neck down.

REMEMBER: You have to use all steps for it to be effective.

Hope this helps! A nurse to ask is always here to help if you have further questions.

There’s a lot of information about acne removal that you’ll understand via this YouTube video.

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