Acne Back Treatment

Acne Back Treatment, Know Better

Acne Back Treatment, Know Better

How to Treat Acne on the Back?

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Acne Back Treatment

Question: Some health tips for women, please. I have struggled with back acne for a long time, and it is embarrassing to wear swimsuits and tank tops. I have heard of Murad acne spray, but I’m not sure if it works. What treatments/washes/sprays are the most effective?

Answer: Most acne that occurs from your chin and downward is mostly due to an imbalance of hormones and poor diet. Most topical creams and cleansers will not work. Acne starts from within so you have to treat from the inside. So you also need a product that can get rid of acne from the inside like Acnezine. Aside from that, you can also do the following:

– Drink lots of water or have it with fresh lemon wedges. This also helps cleanse the liver.

– Do not eat a lot of refine sugars and dairy. If you like your dairy, switch to organic. No hormone added in the dairy, which regular dairy has a lot of estrogen. So look for more into the organic foods. All those additives, pesticides and chemicals that you ingest does havoc on your skin.

– When you cleanse your skin, use a mild soap, not any of those harsh acne fighting soaps. You are just irritating the skin with all of those chemicals as well.

– Sensitive skin needs a mild cleanser. Also make sure your bed sheets and pillow cases are changed on a regular basis as well.

These are just a few pointers I have. You can experiment and try for more ways. Just keep your hygiene and remember, everything starts from the inside–even your back acnes.

If you have more questions, just ask in a nurse.

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