What is the best electric shaver for a teen with acne?

I have moderate acne and, unfortunately, my beard slightly overlaps into the acne area. I’ve tried blade razors, but they shave by going under the skin, which is bad for acne. Electrics just shave on top of the skin, which is less irritating.

Also, I have a pretty tough beard and I had an electric shaver but it didnt get all the hairs. I want something that is not irritating priced between -0 and has a good guarantee. If it does not give me a close shave or irritates my skin, my main concern is the ability to return it for a full refund

Any suggestions?

It’s okay to shave with moderate acne. There are lots of affordable and quality shavers that a teen can use for his acne. If you have questions that deal with best electric shaver for men with acne, best electric shaver for men with thick hair, best electric shaver 2015, best electric shaver for sensitive skin, best electric shaver 2011, best electric shaver 2012, best electric shaver for men under 100, or best electric shaver for men, you can check sites such as Electric Shaver Guy or Hair Blog.

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Electric Shaver For Teen With Acne

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  • iWOOFi April 7, 2009, 7:19 pm

    umm, I have a cream not a shaver a shaver wont kill acbe, the cream its called proactive it killed jessica simpsons acne and works for men too! it costs like 40 or somethin, stick around and see it in paid programing!