What Is The Difference Between Heavy Alcohol Abuse And Heroin Abuse?

Is alcohol in ways similar to heroin and how is rehabilitation different from either of these forms of substance abuse?

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To answer your query, it is similar in the sense that both are addictive. Alcohol is a downer while heroin is an upper at first but as a person becomes hooked, it becomes a downer. The rehabilitation time needed to spend at a center at both types of addiction will depend on a person’s level of addiction. For additional answers and information about your query, kindly read the articles that I’ll post below in the form of links.

Understand The Difference Between Heroin And Alcohol Abuse Today

Understand The Difference Between Heroin And Alcohol Abuse Today

Difference Between Heroin And Alcohol Abuse

DrugFacts: Heroin | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Learn about different facts about heroin because they can translate into your understanding of alcohol abuse. There isn’t much difference between heroin and alcohol abuse because once that a person become addicted, he can become hooked and damage his life and the happiness of people around him.

Is there a difference between physical dependence and addiction …
Learn about why people depends on heroin and drugs as they become hooked at their addiction. Learn about the substances that make a person be controlled by his senses.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
An important read to learn a lot about alcohol abuse, the effects of different drugs and alcohol on the body, impact of parental drug and alcohol abuse on a child, and drugs and alcohol abuse in teenagers.

Try to get other helpful information from these wonderful articles from Children’s Aid Society and Health Vermont.

Learn a lot about heroin addiction because it can help you understand alcohol abuse better.

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  • swallownest69 January 12, 2009, 9:51 am

    first of in reply to grace you need to add benzodiazepines and barbiturates to alcohol as potentialy life threatening if you suddenly stop.also no 1 has ever died from suddenly stopping heroin.physically withdrawal symptoms are similar to a bad dose of flu which last couple of weeks.Rehabilitation for heroin users might include substituting heroin with methadone,a similar drug but without the euphoria that heroin creates. which is prescribed and allows the user to stabilise his addiction.They will then be slowly weaned of methadone until clean.to keep the heroin user from relapsing implants or tablets called naltrexone are used.these stop heroin or any other opiates from having any effect.psychological treatments will continue before during and after the user has become clean.these will include counselling,therapy,group work and possible medication such as anti depressants.
    alcohol is treated slightly different.Because of the risks of seizures and other life threatening problems alcoholics are usualy treated as an in patient in hospital where they are monitored closely.Instead of cutting down alcohol slowly drugs such as diazepam and librium are used instead as they have similar effects on the brain chemistry as alcohol but are easier to taper down and are less dangerous.also diazepam is used to stop seizures.When clean from alcohol implants or tablets called antabuse are used.if alcohol is drunk the drinker will become violently ill.Pschological treatment is then used which is similar to heroin,counselling groupwork relapse prevention etc. Alcohol, heroin, cocaine,crack,ampthetamine abuse all have the same thing in common. They all destroy lifes and are incredibly difficult to stop using once you have created that dependency on them.
    hope this helps.

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