What is the easiest way to get rid of acne?

Iv’e tried everything to get rid of my acne from face wash to different soaps so far the lye soap i’m using works the best but the acne keeps coming back. What are some good ways to get rid of the acne?

If you have used a lot of various acne products and still disappointed, it might be time to ask around, research, or visit a dermatologist. Don’t fret or frown because there are a lot of affordable and effective ways at how to remedy acne.

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What is the easiest way to get rid of acne

You can find lots of easy ways at how to get rid of acne.

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Naweko San-Joyz, published 2004, 224 pages

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    Spend a bit of time out in the sunshine. It will dry the skin, and lessen the oils. Also, keep face clean, and use Hydrogen Peroxide after, on a bit of cotton and pat on face. Heals infection in the acne, and helps to dry it up.

    Don't touch face except for to clean. Make sure you don't get hair care products on face. Hair sprays and gels can clog pores. Conditioners can get in pores and harden.

    Tie up bangs in hot weather. The bangs left down can make you sweat more, and presses sebum mixed with sweat into your pores. Ever notice you have more acne near your forehead? Sounds crazy but give it a try.

    Keeping face clean, helps your pores out alot. Dirt gets trapped in the pores, that mixes with the sebum, hardens and causes the blackheads. Clean face as soon as you notice it is getting oily.

    Drink 8 or more glasses water daily, helps the skin flush out wastes, and gives your skin a nice glow.