What is the natural or original diet for humans? Do any other animals develop food allergies?

Cure Your Allergies Naturally

Cure Your Allergies Naturally

I’m not asking for philosophical guessing. This might be a question for those who have more knowledge of veternary science, comparative anatomy or maybe anthropology. From what I know about animals, they don’t have food allergies but most have much narrower diets. Are food allergies a product of something different about our immune system? Do other animals have no eosinophylls in their blood?

To answer your query, there are lots of resources stating that it’s better for human beings to become vegetarian especially if they’ll eat with lesser oil and if they’ll go organic. Give yourself a favor and research about vegetarianism and you might find different accounts of people telling how they have cured their allergy through a change of lifestyle. To your other question, yes animals develop allergy too and most of the times, they know the wild herbs that can cure them of their discomfort.

Natural Diet For Allergies

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There are lots of natural ways to cure allergies. It’s better because they are cheaper and you won’t experience the hassle of travelling and confining yourself in a hospital. These eating tips will make your life a lot more comfortable in case you already have an allergy.

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  • Gnomon April 12, 2009, 6:44 pm

    Humans have had different diets in different periods of their evolution. At one point they would have been vegetarian, living in forests or jungles. They developed a good sense of colour at this point, for telling the difference between ripe and unripe fruits.

    Later, as the African jungles started to recede and turn into Savanna, humans turned into hunters and adapted to a diet with much more meat in it. So the modern human is much more omnivorous than most animals. But bears and dogs would also have an omnivorous diet.