Alzheimer’s Disease Neurological Background

Alzheimer's Disease Neurological Background, Understand Better

Alzheimer’s Disease Neurological Background, Understand Better

What is the neurological background of Alzheimer’s disease?

I’m trying to find out a general idea of what happens in the brain to trigger such things an unprovoked spouts of anger etc. There are moments where I’m angry and I don’t know why I am feeling like that. Sometimes I can’t control my anger that my voice get loud. Sometimes I should at my sister or a friend, and that hurts them as much as I hurt myself. I really want to become a better person. I want to control my feelings better. I hope that can understand Alzheimer’s disease too.

To answer your query, a person who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease tend to forget a lot of his memories and that is connected to his nerves. If you feel the need to visit a physician for advice at how to treat yourself, then just do it. It’s the same situation if you know someone who might be suffering from dementia.

In case of your uncontrolled anger, you might need to meditate because meditation helps a lot at how to calm the storm that you might be feeling within. Sometimes there are no reasons why a person is angry; he is just angry. Don’t worry because you can become a better individual. Your memory can become stronger too.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Neurological Background

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