What kind of doctor should I see for all-around medical care?

I need to select a primary physician, one for all-around medical care. I have a very large selection to choose from as most doctors in my area accept my insurance. My main issues are: *Type 2 Diabetes, *Restless Leg Syndrome, *Depression / Bi-Polar. I see an Endocrinologist for my Diabetes and a Psychiatrist for depression / bi-polar, but neither of them will treat / address other medical issues. I would like to find a physician for general medical treatment for *sick / *cold / *flu / *injury / *x-rays / *lab work, etc. BUT someone also well-versed in Diabetes, Restless Leg Sybdrome and Depression / bi-polar just so they may better understand my background and be familiar with and able to understand my treatment of those conditions. SOOOOOOO…….. General Practice, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, M.D., D.O., which area should I look into to select a physician?

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  • Bell March 27, 2009, 11:47 am

    I would look into a general practitioner. I know what you mean though. I see my general practitioner for my anxiety/depression, sacrociliitis(arthritis of the sacrum), allergies, and any other medical concern I have. Good luck. P.S. Usually, a family practice doctor is a general practice doctor that will treat children as well as adults. The general practitioner is usually for 18+.