What kind of vitamin can I use to fight my allergies to strong smells?

Cure Yourself From Nasal Allergies Today

Cure Yourself From Nasal Allergies Today

I have already been taking bee pollen for my outdoor allergies, but I am also mildly allergic to perfumes, gasoline, cleaning products, etc. My nose gets irritated when I breathe them. Is there a vitamin that can fight this specific problem?

To answer your query, there are nasal corticosteroid medications and nasal antihistamine that can help you cure or lessen your allergies to strong smells or fragrances. But it is highly advisable to consult a physician so you can get specific instructions at how you can be relieved from your discomfort. The links or articles that I’ll post below might help.

Allergies To Strong Smells

Fragrance Allergies: A Sensory Assault – WebMD
There’s a lot of people who are suffering from fragrance sensitivities or allergies. Some have mild or severe discomfort. If you have allergies to strong smells or you know someone who’s suffering from a sensory assault, then this article is valuable.

Fragrance Sensitivity: When Scents Cause Symptoms – Allergy …
Strong scents cause a lot of discomfort physically, emotionally, and mentally. Learn about how you can cure your allergies to strong scents through this wonderful read.

Can you be allergic to a smell? – Allergy – HealthCentral.com
An informative write-up where you can learn about allergies, allergy to strong scents, allergic reaction to smells, perfume allergy rash, perfume allergy in the workplace, perfume allergy headache, allergic to perfume what can i wear, allergic reaction to perfume on neck, and fragrance allergy essential oils.

Other informative articles about allergies to strong smells can be read from these good write-ups from Everyday Health and Live Strong.

Understand fragrance allergy or allergies to strong smell from this video.

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  • Anonymous April 8, 2009, 9:07 pm

    I have had the same thing all my life. I am big time into nutritional healing and homeopathic remedies, tried them all, nothing has worked. I just try to focus on keeping my immune system strong by taking certain vitamins known to enhance the immune system, such as astralagus. I almost never get sick any more, especially once I started taking beta glucans 1,3. I get migranes and headaches just from someone walking by with Calvin Klein cologne or some other really strong musky scent. I have chemical proofed my home as much as possible, no perfumes or colognes, use all natural Dr. Bronners soap and chemical free shampoos and detergents. Vinegar for cleaning floors, no bleach or chemicals for cleaning ever! I read Natural Cures they Don't want you to know about by Trudeau, and it has changed my life. I almost never get sinus problems any more, I am so much healthier, but – I still have the reaction to smells — just not as extreme.