What kinds of things might trigger type 1 diabetes?

I think I might have diabetes. I’m going to go to the doctor real soon. Until then I have a question i’d like answered. Can anyone tell me, that has type 1 diabetes, what lead you to believe you have it, like i researched a little bit and most of the things said alot of time people get had an illness of some sort that triggered it or something. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry about the bad grammar and punctuation.

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  • mathwiz1 February 8, 2009, 4:26 am

    You are right for the most part, usually Type 1 (also known as Juvenile onset, or Insulin Dependant Diabetes), is generally contracted by individuals with a genetic disposition to having it in the first place, (basically this means that usually their genes were programmed with diabetes in the first place), however they ususally do not actually contract diabetes until they are a few years old, usually following a stressful or traumatic situation such as an infection, injury, or environmental change like loss of family, and their immune system attacks the Beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans in the pancrease which produce the body’s insulin, leading to the person getting diabetes.
    Another less common way for someone to contract diabetes is for them to suffer a traumatic injury to their pancrease or contract a pancreatic disease such as pancreatitis or Pancreatic Cancer, or suffer something like a car crash which damages the pancrease itself, causing the pancrease to fail to function properly and not produce insulin anymore, however this is very uncommon.

    Also, if someone answers that it’s caused by eating sweets or obesity, don’t listen to them, they’re thinking of Type 2 (also known as Adult onset, or Non-Insulin Dependent diabetes), type 1 diabetes has almost no relation to weight or dietary habits.