What medicines are allowed in UAE?

I want to know the list of medicines which are allowed and which are not allowed in UAE.

I am taking medicines for epilepsy treatment..are they allowed?

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  • Nurse H March 26, 2009, 9:39 pm

    Please visit the link below which provides you with a full list of all banned drugs in the UAE:


    This does not mean that these medicines are not allowe. They are more controlled then banned. But – the medicines mentioned on this list are only available in Govt. hospitals and Govt. pharmacies.

    All other medicines is allowed in the UAE if available. If not, pharmacists know substitutes. Many medicine here is available over the counter, others require a prescription.

    I do not know especially for epilepsy, but I am quiet sure that a solution can be found, because also epilepsy is also treated in the UAE. Take a look at you medication, what it contains and then compare with the giving list.

    Take care!

    edit: do not know what happened to this link. Just type in gulfnews.com, then go on the left side to residence guide and than on: keep banned drugs out of the UAE under: legal issues.