Winter Allergies, Know It Better Now

Winter Allergies, Understand It Better Today

Winter Allergies, Understand It Better Today

I live in the Willamette valley in Oregon. (Eugene to be exact)This area is famed for terrible allergy’s. I believe I have allergy’s (and not a cold) but can’t figure out what is causing it. I am in the same house I have living for 4 years so its not household mold. I don’t see anything blooming so can figure out if its pollen. Can anyone please tell me What might be causing this allergy. Before this I have only had allergies in warly summer for a week or so. Maybe a recommendation of how to relieve symptoms without drugs.

To answer your query, sometimes you need to be really prudent by distancing yourself from that area. Consider relocating so you won’t be affected by winter allergies or to lessen the chances of experiencing physical discomforts such as skin irritation and having a hard time breathing.

To make sure if it’s pollen or not that causes your allergy, you might want to visit a physician so he can check your condition. There are natural ways to cure winter allergies so don’t worry much. The links that I have attached below might remedy your situation in one way or another so check them out.

Winter Allergies

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Learn about the culprits of winter allergies via this video.

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