What other meds can I take for diabetes type 2 besides going on insulin?

I have tried Actos & Avandia in the past (retained water like crazy). I have also tried Metformin (my stomach cannot handle even 500mg). I have been taking only Januvia for a month, but it is not helping to control it enough. I eat a fairly good diabetic diet and walk every day. Should I get stricter still with my diet & exercise even more?

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  • Miz Lamb April 1, 2009, 9:37 pm

    Doctor should have started you out on half the tablet to start with. He should also have told you to take it WITH food, never on empty stomach. It will always cause digestive upsets this way. He should also have suggested you take Pepto or Tums type meds with it if it gave you digestive upsets.

    Actos and Avandia both have a notorious history of causing edema! I tried both and cannot take them.

    There are 8 classes of meds of which you have only tried 3 other than insulin. And if you are insulin resistant it does no good to push more insulin into the system if it isn't working to help the muscles use the glucose available.

    the 2 first meds are usually Metformin and Glyburide. But be aware that just because Met in the formulation you were taking upset your stomach, not all the generic manufacturers of this drug use the same "inert ingredients" for fillers. It might have been the filler you can't take.

    I cannot take a couple of the generic Met formulations. But I can take the Metformin XR! Yes, it does occasionally mess with my stomach, giving me gas and acidic stomach and sometimes diarrhea as well.

    You say you are following a good diabetic diet. That doesn't say much because the Am Diab Assn recommends just smaller servings of the same Food Pyramid that caused this problem. High Complex Carbs in great number!!!

    Do away with all the bottom layer of the current Food Pyramid for a month and see if it doesn't help a great deal. I also have a problem with any soft sweet fruits. I eat crispy tart apples for most of my fruits.

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