What percentage of the UK adult population suffers from Alcohol abuse.?

Is it higher than the US or other countries? In the United States, approximately 8 percent of people aged 18 and older suffer from alcohol abuse and/or dependence. This abuse or dependence costs upwards of .7 billion in medical treatment, lost earnings, casualty damages and criminal/legal costs. 1 in 13 people for the Uk works out as 7.69% so lower than the US.

I think a higher percentage of people in the US are teetotal so taking that into account the US figures are a lot worse than the UK.

To answer your query, both affluent and third world countries have a lot of residents who are victims of alcohol abuse. Rich people are not contented so they drown away their sorrows through liquor or excessive beer drinking. That’s the same for the poor, they want to forget how miserable they are that they keep on drinking whenever they can. These people want to forget their existence. A lot of people in European countries are alcoholics even though some of them are successful in their career. For additional data on your query, the articles that I’ll link below might help.

Alcohol Abuse Percentage In UK

Statistics on alcohol – Alcohol Concern
Reading about statistics on alcohol is always a mind opener. Those who believe that they won’t be harmed by drinking alcohol should think twice upon reading statistics about alcohol dependency.

Statistics on Alcohol: England, 2015 – Health & Social Care …
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Reading About Alcohol Abuse Statistics Is Enlightening

Reading About Alcohol Abuse Statistics Is Enlightening

Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction
A good e-book to devour where one can learn in regards to alcohol abuse, teenage alcohol abuse facts, and drug and alcohol abuse facts. This e-book should also be shared.

Other articles about alcohol abuse statistics that you might find interesting can be read from Alcohol Concern and HSCIC.

An essential video about alcohol abuse statistics in the UK that one should watch.

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  • Spawnee January 16, 2009, 9:14 pm

    Depends on your definition of Alcohol Abuse. If you mean physical dependency, then pretty low. However according to alcohol concern (an NGO here in the UK), around 22,000 death in the UK are linked to alcohol (disease and accidents)

    According to the British Medical Association 1 in 13 adults are dependent on alcohol either pscyhologically or/and physically.

    About 1.1million adults in the UK are in need of treatment for alcohol dependency, however no where near that amount get the help they need.