What Social And Personal Factors Induce Millions Of People To Abuse Drugs And Alcohol?

What social and personal factors induce millions of people to abuse drugs and alcohol despite all the publicity regarding the negative effects of drug abuse?

What are the Factors That Contribute to Drug Addiction?

Genetics contribute to the increased likelihood that an individual will abuse drugs, and to what extent the substance abuse may escalate. Environmental risk factors include availability of drugs, poverty, social changes, peer influences, employment status, type of occupation and cultural attitudes.

To answer your query, there are various social and personal reasons why a person becomes addicted to drugs or drinking. But one thing is for sure, people who are into drugs and alcohol abuse are unhappy people. Because a person won’t ruin his life if he feels that his life is perfect or promising.

Specific reasons why a person took drugs or alcohol could be because he’s not happy with his career and he’s having relationship problems. Below are some articles that you can read by clicking the links. I hope that they can give further encouragement and knowledge about the topic.

Why Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Occur

Alcohol and Other Drugs – NIAAA Publications – National Institutes of …
People who drink alcohol can have alcoholic children too and that’s a fact or a sad reality. One needs to comprehend why people take drugs and alcohol and should decide if he wants to remain frustrated and unhappy in his life.

Reasons Why Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Happen

Reasons Why Drugs And Alcohol Abuse Happen

Alcohol, Drugs and Crime
Another sad reality is that people who do drugs and having alcohol abuse problems can offend the law. That’s why we need to become extra careful in our actions especially if we already have a family.

Manual of Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Guidelines for Teaching in Medical and …
This is a wonderful read about drug and alcohol abuse. There’s so much to learn from this e-book such as drugs and alcohol abuse facts, drugs and alcohol abuse effects, and drugs and alcohol abuse in teenagers.

Other facts and information about drug and alcohol abuse can be found in these interesting articles from Alcohol Rehab and Drug Wise.

This might scare people who are into drug and alcohol abuse but the facts that they’ll learn and understand might help them eventually.

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  • JK March 27, 2009, 4:27 am

    Peer pressure and family issues can be considered as social and personal factors. Peer pressure in the sense that not all friends are genuine. It is because there are others that persuades their friend to use drugs just to let them in their circle, or join their group. While there are others that are into drug abuse because of family problems. The parents got divorced or the teen child has some disputes with them. These are just some of the reasons why other people, find drugs as a means to temporarily forget their problems.