What would you do if a police stopped you and you had hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)?

like, lets say your on the highway a police puts on his lights and wants you to pull over, but you have a very low blood sugar.

what would you do? get to a gas station to get some sugar, or juice… or would you stop for the police and wait for him, and pass out while you are waiting for him?

Written By Nurse007

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  • Tin S March 5, 2009, 2:43 pm

    Pull over when you feel you are having an episode.You could ask him to share one of his stolen Sugar Frosted Donuts with you.One thing for sure you will get a ticket. Not doubts about it. They will give their Mother a Ticket.
    Probably for unsafe driving. Heres what you should have been doing.My God man, what has got into you. You have to take care of Hypoglycemia..

    Eating every 4-6 hours is important to prevent hypoglycemia.
    Be adventurous and try something new to liven up your snacks between meals!
    Each of the following counts as one starch:

    One small apple, orange, peach, pear, nectarine, or tangerine
    Eight animal crackers
    Four medium fresh apricots or seven dried halves
    1/2 of a banana rolled with 2-tablespoons Grape Nuts cereal
    1 cup cubed cantaloupe
    Twelve Bing cherries
    Two chocolate mousse bars (Weight Watchers)
    1/2 cup chow mein noodles
    Two sugar-free fudgesicles
    Three gingersnaps
    36 Goldfish (adds 1 fat serving)
    Three graham crackers (2 1/2-inch square)
    1/2 low-fat granola bar
    15 grapes
    ½ cup fruit juice
    Five slices melba toast
    1 cup skim milk
    Three peanut butter sandwich crackers (adds 1 fat serving)
    Two small plums
    24 oyster crackers
    3 cups popcorn (popped by hot air, or low-fat microwave)
    1 slice of angel food cake
    1 sugar-free pudding snack cup
    Three dried pitted prunes
    15 fat-free potato or tortilla chips
    3/4 ounce pretzels
    2 tablespoons raisins
    Two rice cakes (4" diameter)
    1 regular Jell-o snack cup
    Seven Ritz crackers (adds 1 fat serving)
    Six saltine crackers
    ½ cup canned fruit
    15 Teddy Grahams (adds 1 fat serving)
    Five reduced-fat Triscuits
    Six Vanilla Wafers (adds 1 fat serving)
    Six Waverly Wafers (adds 1 fat serving)
    12 Original Wheat Thins (adds 1 fat serving)
    13 Reduced-fat Wheat Thins (adds 1/2 fat serving)
    1 cup nonfat fruit-flavored yogurt (sweetened with sugar substitute)
    1/2 cup of sherbet or I Can't Believe It's Yogurt or TCBY frozen yogurt

    Quit this driving while IMPAIRED!