What's the difference between hypoglycemia and diabetes type 2?

I've had one doctor tell me that I'm hypoglycemic. Another doctor told me to be careful because my blood-sugar test came back in the pre-diabetic (type 2) range. Are these two really the same or are they two different conditions? I'm so confused! :o(

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  • heckenhocker February 2, 2009, 4:29 am

    diabetes and hypoglycaemia are different conditions.

    Diabetes: body does not produce enough insulin, or the body does not use the insulin effectively (insulin-resistance).

    Hypoglycaemia: body either has too much insulin making blood sugar drop, or body uses the insulin too effectively

    There is some theories around that people who get type II diabetes start off with the pancreas over-producing insulin. Either as a pancreas-fault or due to insulin resistance. The pancreas then may "burn-out" and can no longer produce enough insulin to deal with food correctly. …at which point you get sick enough to go to the doctor and get diagnosed with diabetes.

    They have not yet proved this theory (as far as I know).

    If your blood sugar was high (pre-diabetic range) for one doc, and low (hypoglycaemic) for another doc, then this suggests you are not processing sugar properly. You could be reactive hypoglycaemic. This means you have enough insulin, but you produce it at the wrong time (bit like a faulty thermostat on a heating system). Ask for a prolonged glucose tolerance test to get a better picture of how your body is reacting to sugar.