Why are some people more affected by allergies than others?

Understand The Different Types Of Allergies Today

Understand The Different Types Of Allergies Today

So today, my allergies finally hit me. My eyes itch and are watering like crazy. However, none of my friends are experiencing it as bad as I am. Also, some of my friends don’t feel affected at all. Why do allergies affect some people more than others, and some not at all?

To answer your query, different people have various levels and kinds of allergies. Some people have graver allergies than yours and their life might be endangered by their malady in one way or another. The lifestyle of some individuals might also be prone to allergies and they haven’t looked for a cure right away so their situation worsens. So once that you’ve realized that you have an allergy, it is best to find the cure for it right away.

Levels And Types Of Allergies

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It’s important to understand allergies. It’s vital to know what are the various types of allergies and how people contact them. With basic understanding of allergies, it is easier to avoid them and it is easier to find cure for them.

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Blood and skin tests are important to understand what kind of allergy a person has. It’s important to know the type of antibody a person has and what measures that he needs to do to be cured.

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This e-book is a great read where one can learn about allergies, different levels of peanut allergy, types of skin allergies, types of allergies in human, types of food allergies, and common types of allergies.

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It’s essential to become aware of various types of allergies and what natural treatments that can be used to be remedied.

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  • Queen of the Dust Mites April 3, 2009, 11:51 pm

    Allergy is a defect in the immune system. It is a chronic condition. It can be controlled but not cured. What happens is the immune system misidentifies harmless benign proteins as evil enemy invaders, it creates a human immunoglobulin E that in turn gets the mast cells to produce histamine. It is the histamine that makes you feel cruddy.
    So, you see it is individual to each person that has this defect.
    Your friends that have no reaction are not allergic to the things you are allergic to..or perhaps they have a functioning immune system that doesn't have this mis-identification problem.