Why do I experience amnesia-like (or alzeimehr's-like) symptoms every morning when I wake up?

Each morning, I often experience amnesia-like symptoms where I can't seem to remember where I am, and even forget my name… I don't recognize my own room and it is quite frightening and nerve-shocking experience (it's worse if I sleep somewhere else, i.e. a hotel room, or at a friend's house).

This usually lasts only for 7-10 seconds each day and the worse lasted up to 15 seconds (according to my friend)… He said I was acting like a complete lunatic and buffoon when this happens… Wait! I take it back, my WORST episode of this lasted approx. 30 seconds!!! I guess it was due to some quite heavy drinking and partying the night before…

But, I don't usually go to late-nite parties and raves, nor do I do heavy drinking of alcohol… and NO i'm NOT ON DRUGS or any medications just in case you wanted to be reassured… in fact, I am about average health for an average guy. And I don't have any recurring disorders either such as epilepsy, or short-term memory disorder, etc.
Oh, I forgot to add-in, that I sometimes find myself half-awake and flailing my arms and legs (because one time I dreamt of playing soccer) and I couldn't control my limb movements… is this normal usually? =(

And, I DON'T remember any of my dreams at all!!! If I do somehow manage, it is only like a faint memory which fades away as the day goes by.

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  • visituhere March 27, 2009, 11:35 pm

    It could be that you were just in such a deep sleep that when you wake up you are totally oblivious to where you are .. this has happened to me in the past and it usually only happened if i was really tired(to the point of exhaustion) then i would have to wake up and try and figure out where i was and after a few seconds it would come back to me…… its only happened a few times to me.. but i found on those nights i had my best sleeps and was totally refreshed……