Pollen Allergies, Comprehend Better

Pollen Allergies, Understand Better

Pollen Allergies, Understand Better

Last year my spring allergies started pretty much the first day of the season (Northern NJ, bad place for tree pollen). This year, they barely started in mid April at the beginning of the season and stayed pretty low key until today, May 10th, and all of a sudden they are disastrous. How come my allergies didn’t fully blossom until today even though the pollen counts have been higher this year?

To answer your query, each person’s body might react differently to the changing seasons and his surrounding. There are instances where allergy attacks come late so there’s always a need to prepare especially if you have been infected by pollen allergies before. If you’re already a sufferer, then you must be diligent at avoiding all the stuff that could aggravate your health plight. For you and to everyone concerned, I have attached several links and articles below which might help you have a better understanding of your allergies.

Pollen Allergies

Pollen Allergy | Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | ACAAI
Birds and the wind carry pollen from plants and they’re being fertilized. People who have allergies will get symptoms and will be needing treatment after inhaling the pollen. Know more about pollen allergies with the assistance of this article.

What are Allergies and Its Symptoms – Pollen.com
Get to know everything that you need to know about pollen allergies. Know every symptom and treatment with the help of this write-up. Through this article, you’ll also learn about bee pollen allergy, tree allergy, grass allergy, pollen allergy symptoms in adults, causes of pollen allergy, and pollen allergy treatment.

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  • Sheridan January 13, 2009, 2:11 pm

    It all depends upon which tree you are specifically allergic to…it may be late blooming this year. Different weather patterns will bring out one specific plant one day and another a different day. Some news/weather channels will show when pollen will be especially bad that day, but not being from where you are I wouldn't know the channels.