Why Should College Students Especially Be Concerned About Alcohol Abuse?

To answer your query, college students are prone to drug and alcohol abuse because that phase of their life is very crucial. Peer pressure does exist and it can overcome a person’s will power not to touch any alcohol or vices. It’s all about awareness and dedication to be sober, and of course it won’t be possible without genuine help from friends and parents. For additional data about college students alcohol abuse, I’ll post articles through the links below.

College Students Alcohol Abuse

College Student Alcohol Abuse: A Guide to Assessment, Intervention, and …
This is a wonderful book about alcohol abuse in college students that can guide you to binge drinking prevention. You can download and read it on your mobile devices.

Learn More About College Alcohol Abuse Today

Learn More About College Alcohol Abuse Today

College Drinking | National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and …
It’s a great article about alcohol abuse that tackles issues such as facts about college drinking, college binge drinking issues, binge drinking college statistics, and binge drinking among college students.

College Drinking Fact Sheet
If you’re doing research about percentage of college students who drink, this is a wonderful read, and you’ll learn a lot from this write-up.

Learn a Lot About College Binge Drinking Issues and Facts About College Drinking Via This Informative Video.

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  • whiteshugga April 3, 2009, 6:44 am

    because alcohol is especially fun to abuse at college. It is the only thing students should be concerned about.

    naw its cause the rates of binge drinking and peer pressure are higher.

    And they could be underage. wooo not that. er possibility of rape?

    alcohol is way safer to abuse in college than real life in reality.