Will drinking alcohol cause a person with epilepsy to have a seizer?

Written By Soniamiller

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  • hello March 22, 2009, 6:48 pm

    It depends on the medicine… I am a female and have had Epilepsy (grand mals) since I was 13 and now I am 27. I have been drinking for 11 years and i was on Depakote. I was fine.
    The only time it was a problem was whn i was out late or drank caffeinated drinks like RedBull and vodka. Just be mindful and go to bed at a reasonable hour. be careful of clubs with strobe lights and dont drink when you are really stressed. you know yourself, hopefully. take it slow. i am not promoting drinking. but i am saying it isnt very different from others. with grand mal epilepsy u need to be careful though.
    I do not drink liquor anymore… I found that it makes me black out. being on seizure meds. may make us black out more than others. or maybe its just me ?

    i recently changed my meds to a combination of Keppra and Lamictal. So I drink less often and slower.
    just take it easy….have epilepsy sucks!!! but maybe there is a reason we have it. to slow us down as people.
    i know that if i didnt have epilepsy i would be a drunk and i would have used drugs in high school. but i didnt because i knew i couldnt because it would be life threatening.

    I dont know how old you are but dont drink if you under 21!
    Not worth it.