Nursing Considerations for Vertigo

Discover crucial nursing considerations for effectively addressing vertigo. Understand underlying causes, interventions, and support for patients to regain balance and find relief. Improve your nursing practice with valuable insights.

What foods can cause vertigo?

Avoiding migraine triggers including foods that contain the amino acid tyramine. Examples of such foods include red wine, chicken liver, smoked meats, yogurt, chocolate, bananas, citrus fruits, figs, ripened cheeses…

How do you sleep with vertigo?

For at least one week, avoid provoking head positions that might bring BPPV on again: Use two pillows when you sleep. Avoid sleeping on the “bad” side. Don’t turn your…

Is Vertigo a permanent?

Vertigo is a condition in which you feel off-balance and dizzy, as if you or your surroundings are moving, spinning, or swaying. It can lead to nausea and disability. Vertigo…

Natural Remedy For Vertigo

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