Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments and the Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

Hair LossVitamins for Hair Growth loss

Can you imagine yourself getting bald? Or being near to becoming one? Yes, hair loss can happen to anyone, anytime. Hair is one of the things which we believe makes us appear physically pleasing and attractive. However, some things causes us to lose hair a lot and permanently. This is a problem that until now has yet to be resolved but one thing that can help us is maybe taking vitamins for hair growth.

Hair loss, otherwise known as alopecia is one kind of skin condition wherein one identifies a bald patch somewhere in the part of their head. It may be caused by stress, certain medications, or sometimes your genes.

A typical person loses hair almost all the time; about 50-100 strands of hair daily but this is not alarming. This won’t cause you baldness. Baldness is when the scalp is wholly or partly lacking hair and is already noticeable.

With a problem like this, how could we solve it? Do we go for natural remedies such as eating those which have vitamins for hair growth? Or do we go treat it medically? Before pursuing any treatment, talk to your dermatologist for help and further information.


Hair Loss Symptoms

Hair loss is simply when we lose hair, right? However, hair loss is by different ways. It can go on as slow and gradual process or it may happen as one time and sudden loss of hair. Other hair loss condition ends up being permanent while some hair loss condition does not take that long and repair itself once its course is finished.

Here’s a quick list of hair loss symptoms:

  • Losing your hair on top of the head gradually
  • Getting a bald patch that is circular
  • Thinning of hair
  • Loss of hair throughout the body


Hair Loss Effect

Hair loss sometimes does not really have an effect on your whole body. Sometimes, it only has an effect on your scalp and appearance and which we all know is something we want to maintain pleasingly. So, what are we to do with hair loss? We can take vitamins for hair growth or we can try and look for medications. Then, we try to maintain the volume of our hair with the help of our dermatologist.

Hair loss is sometimes caused by medical conditions and if this is the case, well, immediately consulting a doctor is advised. It may be a sign of a medical condition worsening and we don’t want that, of course.

Hair loss is something no one wants but by age and other factors, it is usually inevitable. Lucky are we that some of the vitamins for hair loss can be purchased as supplements while others can be found in food.


Vitamins for Hair GrowthVitamins for Hair Growth vitamins

What are the hair growth vitamins available? Are they enough to keep your hair in its best shape? People mostly go for natural remedies when it comes to skin treatment and hair loss is one of the skin conditions that may be treated and prevented by taking hair growth vitamins regularly.  What vitamin is good for hair loss?


  • Vitamin B7 or Biotin

Vitamin B7 is also known as vitamin H and a deficiency in this vitamin results in hair loss. This vitamin is usually found in green leafy veggies, legumes, and yolk of an egg. This is considered one of the hair growth vitamins since it helps in growing the hair and improving it with regards to its thickness and volume. Biotin renews hair follicles which already exist and thus, making the hair healthier

You can eat foods which are rich in vitamin b7 or you can ask your doctor for a prescription of a vitamin b7 supplement. Two tablets with a total of 240 mcg of Biotin a day are enough to prevent hair loss in women since two tablets have enough of the recommended total value of Biotin.


  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C, as we all know, is rich in anti-oxidant properties. It helps the body in different ways, including hair repair and growth. It helps in preventing the free radicals of our body from damaging our body’s tissues. These radicals damage our hair, making it dehydrated, frail, and puny. If split ends are your problem, which leads to hair loss in women, well you might consider that you may have a vitamin C deficiency.

A daily dose of 118 mg of vitamin C is enough in maintaining a healthy and good-looking hair, especially in men.


  • Vitamin D

Another vitamin for hair growth is vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for maintaining good health. A study conducted in 2012 suggested that vitamin D actually helps in keeping the hair healthy, making and creating new follicles for fresh hair to grow. It is also believed to regenerate those follicles which are already inactive. However, no study can prove yet that waking these inactive follicles results to producing hair.

As much as possible, 15 mcg is the daily dose of vitamin D which we have to incur. We can get vitamin D by exposing ourselves directly to the light of the sun as our body produces this vitamin whenever it is in contact with the sun. We can also eat foods that are high in vitamin D like fishes and grains.

If you are thinking of having a vitamin D supplement rather than looking for it the natural way, be careful enough since vitamin D need fats in order to be absorbed. See a doctor and ask for advice.


  • Vitamin A

One of the most popular and effective vitamin for hair growth, vitamin A comes first in the list since it almost does all the work in maintaining your healthy hair. Vitamin A can be found in dark green leafy vegetables and more so in meat. If you can’t have it this way, a pill may be recommended and prescribe to you by your doctor.


Vitamin A has a lot of anti-oxidants which help maintain your scalp as hydrated as possible by producing enough sebum. Like vitamin C, it fights the free radicals and weakens them to make your hair feel lighter and healthy. Taking vitamin A daily will also result in having stronger and thicker strands. This vitamin is recommended as a solution for hair loss in women and men.


  • Vitamin E

If you want a vitamin for hair growth, healthier scalp, and less frizzy hair, go for vitamin E. Vitamin E is known for its effective way of maintaining a healthy skin; this also works in keeping hair healthy. Vitamin E can be found in tomatoes and nuts. If one cannot do away with eating those which are rich in vitamin E, you can have it by buying a supplement.

The best hair loss vitamins are found, well, in nature. It is free, can suffice for your needs and make you feel and be better. The chance to try is up to you.


Other Hair Loss TreatmentsVitamins for Hair Growth hair

Hair loss treatment comes in different ways. But first thing’s first, you need to know the cause of the hair loss condition in order to know what treatments are available for you. Also, you can ask your doctor for help in choosing the best treatment.


  1. Go natural

Of course, you can always go natural as a remedy. Taking the best vitamins for hair loss by eating nutritious foods could do the trick. When does eating a balanced diet seem wrong? Never, right? Eating greens and fruits and living healthy is one way of keeping your skin healthy. It may be true that you can’t do anything about your age, but you can make a healthy lifestyle and that—that’s what matters most.

People often reject foods which are high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They tend to avoid healthy diets; but these people are those who always nag about their skin and hair condition. Little do they know that what they avoid are those which could actually heal and treat them.


  1. If you can’t go natural, look for supplements

It’s true that it’s hard for a lot of people to eat healthy that is why instead of taking in vitamins the natural way, they prefer buying supplements. Deficiency in certain types of vitamins sometimes causes your hair loss condition; therefore, it is essential to have daily intake of vitamins.

However, some vitamin supplements cannot be bought over the counter and needs prescription from a doctor. These are the vitamins which have high concentrations of compounds and those which have higher risk in patients where side effects could be serious. To know what vitamin supplements would suit you, consult and have a doctor diagnose you.


  1. Medications to try

Hair loss is not just treated with vitamins; it can be treated by certain medications. Ironically, certain medications can cause hair loss conditions. For male baldness, two medicines namely Finasteride and Monoxidil are considered to be effective. Finasteride is a tablet which you need to take in daily while Monoxidil is a lotion which you need to rub on your scalp. Finasteride is one example of a drug wherein it cannot be bought without a prescription. Both of these medications need a longer time for its effect to be seen. It can be seen between 3-6 months of using it daily. For female baldness, Monoxidil is considered as an effective treatment plan, too.

Women’s baldness is also called alopecia areata and this condition doesn’t necessarily require any treatment. Usually, hair grows back naturally after a year; therefore, being patient is one remedy you can count on. Alopecia areata is believed to be caused by our immune system and corticosteroid is a kind of hormone which suppresses our immune system to prevent more damage to the hair follicles. Corticosteroids may be injected or can be applied topically.

Another way of treating extensive hair loss is by Immunotherapy. It is a form of treatment made in a private center with a chemical solution called diphencyprone as applied on the skin. Though it works for others, most of the users of this treatment developed eczema or their skin becomes more irritated.

An option widely used, especially if hair loss is caused by medical conditions like cancer, is wearing a wig. Creatively styling and choosing the wig which would best suit you is one treatment that may be considered as the safest among all the treatments available. Wig is harmless, convenient, and will never need prescription in buying. You can also buy some wigs which are cheap and can be used long-term.

Hair loss surgery is another kind of treatment, but is expensive compared to the other remedies. This treatment shall also consider many factors that’s why consulting your doctor first is necessary.  Its side effects and success depend on the surgeon himself. Hair transplant is one of the available hair loss surgeries; it takes a long time and is risky for most of the people. A partial part of your scalp which has a lot of hair is removed and divided into single pieces that will be transferred to the area with no hair.

Scalp reduction is another surgery wherein the bald scalp is scraped and to bring the good scalp closer, stitching is required. Sometimes, tissue expansion is done. If you are not convinced with these treatments, maybe an artificial hair implantation is what you’re looking for. Artificial hair implant means planting synthetic hair into your scalp. However, like all the other treatments, this surgery also calls for side effects and dermatologists don’t usually recommend this treatment since it has some serious side effects at the end of the surgery.

The latest hair loss treatment is hair cloning. This is done by taking a certain amount of hair, cloning them and injecting them into the affected scalp. This technique is still undergoing experimentation to further improve it before it can be evaluated as really effective. (Read more about Hair Loss Products)


Hair loss has a lot of treatments available. However, most of them have serious side effects and can be risky for people especially those who have medical complications and are not in their best shape.
Therefore, going for natural treatments such as picking foods which have vitamins for hair growth is the best way to treat it.


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