Help With Science Project? Increasing Trend Of Alcohol, Drug And Smoking Abuse?

I am supposed to complete this task by 25th June. I have done research on this.

Problem observed:
‘There is an increasing trend of smoking, drug abuse and alcohol abuse among young people in our society today,’

I need to find actual figures to support this statement. e.g charts and figures.
I have tried to find the increasing trend but the trend seems to be decreasing at least that’s what most sites state. Anyone can help me? I need an increase in smoking, drug abuse and alcohol abuse over these few years. Must be updated. 2005, 2006 or 2007 surveys, polls or research. I know there is a decreasing trend!!! But I need evidence for an increasing trend….Oh and it can be from 2000-2007.
help me find either increasing or decreasing and i need figures and charts. MUST be of young people today.

To answer your query, it is better to visit the local health government department to get the data that you need. It’s important to have scientific and firsthand information if you’ll make research about alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse statistics seem to strengthen in both affluent and third world countries nowadays. Will attach several links below which might help you.

Alcohol Abuse Can Make You Face A Legal Issue
Alcohol Abuse Can Make You Face A Legal Issue

Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Alcohol Facts and Statistics | National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and …
One needs to conduct scientific studies or research in regards to the topic of alcohol abuse so his research can be proper and dependable. Make sure that you’ll get the latest data according to the boundaries of your research.


Alcohol Abuse Statistics – Facts About Alcoholism & Addiction – Drug …
Alcohol is more brutal than drugs. It killed more teens than all the other drugs combined. You should be comprehensive in your report or research so you can enlighten a lot of people to the risks that they’ll take in case they abuse their body with alcohol.

Alcohol and Drug Use and Abuse in Colorado: Assessment of Recent Statistics …  There’s a lot to learn from this e-book about alcohol abuse statistics such as alcohol abuse, teenage alcohol abuse statistics, alcohol facts and statistics, alcohol consumption statistics, how many people are alcoholics, alcohol dependence statistics, alcohol problems, and alcoholism facts and statistics.

Other alcohol abuse statistics related articles that you might find interesting can be read from Teen Challenge and Alcohol Concern.

Learn A Lot About Alcohol Abuse Statistics Through This Informative Video.

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