How do you treat your TMJ syndrome? What exercises? Any info. is appreciated.?

My mother has severe TMJ and fibromyalgia. This morning she could hardly open her jaw. She is in severe pain. She is going to a doctor, and has been to all the support groups. I am wondering what you people with TMJ do to control the pain. I will pass the info. on to her. Thank you. (she wears a splint in her mouth also)

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  • Doctor J March 27, 2009, 7:20 pm

    Has she been evaluated by her Chiropractor? Is she having muscle spasms or a 'closed lock' problem with her jaw?

    Muscle spasms can be the result of a Magnesium deficiency (very common). Has she been tested for this?

    A 'closed lock' results from the 'intra-articular disc' in the TMJ getting 'caught' out of alignment which 'blocks' the opening of the jaw. This is usually caused by a trigger-point and spasm of the Lateral Pterygoid Muscle (one of the major 'chewing' muscles).

    A good Chiropractor with good TMJ skills can help with these types of problems.

    I would also like to suggest an excellent book that may offer a lot of help for your mother's Fibromyalgia. It is called: "Pain Free in 6 Weeks" and is written by Sherry Rogers, M.D. She explains the many causes of chronic pain and how to effectively treat the cause. I highly recommend this book. You can order it at or from the publisher at 1-800-846-6687.

    Best wishes and good luck.