How much of a contribution does PMS have to women's problems in communication with men?

I'm sure I'm touching a nerve here in 2 ways, claiming that women have communication problems with men along with hypothesizing that PMS is a big contributor to this problem. So, go ahead and react. Try to understand that I have great compassion for health problems, having fibromyalgia, depression, GAD, and food sensitivities myself. Also, many men have PMS-like symptoms, although they aren't as related to such a reliable syndrome. My ex was pretty reasonable 25 days of the month, but said horrible things during her entire cycle. I tried different methods to manage it, but she always found a way to sneak in nastiness and disingenuous indirectness during her cycle.
Any thoughts?
Mafiagirl, I have to politely disagree. I think women should get a pass for this, if they'd help their man help her with this problem. Of course, they'd have to admit there's a problem, which seems to be extremely difficult for a lot of women.
DiedreO, I tried to communicate with her about it, to find out how I could be most helpful. But, you're right, she had very poor character, and this was one of many deathnells (sp?) of the relationship.

Written By Evie Neumann

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  • Laela (Layla) April 14, 2009, 7:20 am

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