List for Prevention of Epileptic Seizures

Prevention of Epileptic Seizures

People who suffer from epileptic seizures are among those who experience the loss of esteem and social acceptance. They become worried of being around other people because they don’t know when the seizures will happen again. This is basically the same with the cause of the disease, which is also unknown in most cases. There are those that have developed due to brain injury, tumors, infections, stroke, and even birth defects. A few cases can also be attributed to genetic mutations. A sure way to keep the episodes to the minimum is possible though, and that is by avoiding known triggers of the neurological disorder.

List for Prevention of Epileptic Seizures

1. Distance yourself from prohibited drugs. Drugs, especially the prohibited ones, can offer a lot of effects to a person with neurological disorder so rather than suffer the consequences, getting as far off from these things would serve much better reward. The negative effects these drugs can offer does not choose, even those who have periods of epileptic seizures. Thus, it would be better for anyone who is already suffering from the disease to steer clear from it.

2. When under medication, try to manage withdrawal. People who are taking medications should not abruptly stop or change prescriptions. Doing so will surely have a great effect on how the body reacts and can be a big trigger to epileptic seizures. This will also include those who are into addictive habits such as smoking and alcohol. Abruptly stopping on the habit will not only lead to possible triggers of seizures but also relapse of the addiction.

3. Avoid flashing lights. Flashing lights can largely affect a person who has been suffering from epileptic seizures so these things should be avoided as prevention of epileptic seizures. Lights that flash right in front of the eyes of a sufferer can trigger the neurotic disorder and thus allow the person to undergo a period of involuntary muscle spasm.

4. Go moderate on video games. Playing video games can also trigger epileptic seizures because of the flickering or flashing lights that can affect the eyes of a person who have neurotic disorder. The volume quality and the visuals are also among the possible triggers so it is best for a person who is prone to epileptic seizures to steer clear from these games.

5. Indulge in a healthy diet and lifestyle. There is nothing better than to have healthy habits, even those who are already healthy and experience no illnesses. Having a balanced and healthy diet will help ward off any untoward occurrence in the body of the sufferer. At the same time, the healthy lifestyle of a person will help in keeping the triggers to the minimum if not to zero the occurrence.
Prevention of epileptic seizures can definitely happen with the help of these tips above. For more information and more personalized tips on the prevention of epileptic seizures, getting the advice of your trusted doctor is a must.

Written By Evie Neumann

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