What Do Doctors Prescribe For Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is defined by two major criteria, chronic severe fatigue for at least six months not caused by a diagnosable disease or relieved with rest and at least four other specific symptoms that occur at the same time or after the development of severe fatigue.

Treatments to reduce symptoms are individualized for each patient as no single therapy helps all CFS/SEID patients. Drug therapies (bupropion [Wellbutrin], sertraline [Zoloft], and other antidepressant drugs) are used to treat symptoms of sleep, pain, and psychological problems. Read More…

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Can chronic fatigue syndrome go away?

If it’s overexertion, they can rest. If it’s an illness, they can treat it. In most cases, these steps are enough to make the fatigue go away. Chronic fatigue syndrome does not have a root cause that has been identified.Read Here…

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

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