What Exercises Can You Do For Drop Foot?

Foot drop (sometimes called drop foot or dropped foot) is the inability to raise the front of the foot due to weakness or paralysis of the muscles and nerves that lift the foot. Foot drop itself is not a disease, it is a symptom of a greater problem or medical condition.
It’s best to work with a trained professional for guidance and safety.

  • Towel Stretch. Sit on the floor with both legs straight out in front of you. …
  • Toe to Heel Rocks. Stand in front of a table, chair, wall, or another sturdy object you can hold onto for support.
  • Marble Pickup. …
  • Ankle Dorsiflexion. …
  • Plantar Flexion. …
  • Ball Lift.
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Watch This Video Exercises to Manage Foot Drop | MS Exercises

Exercises for Foot Drop:

Exercises for Foot Drop

What Prevents Foot Drop?

Foot drop is a gait abnormality in which the dropping of the forefoot happens due to weakness, irritation or damage to the common fibular nerve including the sciatic nerve, or paralysis of the muscles in the anterior portion of the lower leg. It is usually a symptom of a greater problem, not a disease in itself. Read here….

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