Bunions Natural Remedies

This article is about bunions’ natural remedies.

Statistics show that half of the American population is at risk of suffering from bunions, which is a deformity of the bone structure on the foot. Instance is more frequent with females who get 9 out of every 10 sufferers. This condition is usually brought about using too narrow footwear or too small than the actual foot size. If this is what you are actually feeling right now, start helping yourself with below natural remedies for bunions.

1. Ice pack. The first thing that will come to mind when bunions become a problem is the ice pack. It is one of the oldest and the most logical of all the home remedies for bunion pain. Cold compress has always been a good help to inflammation and bunions are not excluded. Simply take some pieces of ice cubes, wrap them in a clean cloth, and apply them to the area where the pain is. This should take care of the current inflammation and pain.

2. Epsom salt. A bunions home remedy that has been used for generations is the Epsom salt. This is a type of salt that people have used for soaking in the tub to primarily smooth their skins but it has been found to be useful even for curing bone disorders, especially bunions. So when having painful bone disorders just like bunions, don’t wait too long and immediately take care of the problem. Dissolve the salt into warm water and soak in for about 30 minutes. This will not only relieve the inflammation and pain but also soften skin as well as relax you all in one.

3. Aspirin Soak. Another well-known bone spur natural remedy is the aspirin soak. This one will require at least 4 tablets to be ground coarse and then dissolved in warm water. This is best done in a basin that accommodates your foot or feet if both have bunions.

4. Bromelain. How to get rid of bunions naturally is to go back to basics. One of these things will be bromelain which is contained in pineapple. All it takes is a pineapple a day and questions on how to shrink bunions naturally will be given the right answers.

5. Healthy diet. Lastly, among the best home remedies for bunion removal is a healthy diet. This one is the most beneficial as this will not only relieve a bunion problem but also give the body the boost it needs hence good health. So be wise when choosing the food that you ingest because these things are what will improve your overall condition.

All these listed home and herbal remedies for bunions sufferers can be easy to do right in your home so why settle with the pain that bunions can inflict when it can be helped naturally? Start looking into these natural remedies and pick one or two that will best suit your lifestyle and preferences and use it in finding the best treatment for your bunion problems. Start treating it now before it gets worse and unstoppable.

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