Successful Lung Transplantation Cases

Discover the remarkable outcomes of successful lung transplantation cases. These inspiring stories offer hope and new beginnings for individuals with end-stage lung diseases. Explore ten compelling case studies that showcase…

Latest Advances in Lung Transplant Surgery

Stay up-to-date with the latest advances in lung transplant surgery. Explore breakthrough techniques and innovations that are revolutionizing the field.

Life-saving Lung Transplant Procedures

Learn about the remarkable world of life-saving lung transplant procedures. Explore the surgery, patient stories, and the glimmer of hope it offers.

Understanding the Lung Transplant Process

Learn about the lung transplant process, from eligibility criteria to post-transplant care. Find out what to expect and how to navigate this complex procedure.

Long-term Effects and Benefits of Lung Transplants

Discover the long-term effects and benefits of lung transplants. Improve your quality of life, increase life expectancy, and reduce respiratory symptoms.

Can You Get A Lung Transplant If You Have Lung Cancer?

For most people with lung cancer, a lung transplant (single or double) is not an option. One reason is that lung transplants are considered a local treatment. Local treatments such…

How Long Can A Person Live With A Lung Transplant?

Only about 55 percent of patients survive five years after the transplant. Those rates are better at Bay Area hospitals, where about two-thirds of patients can expect to survive that…