How does hypertension affect dental surgery?

I have going to a dental college for evaluation for crowding teeth. Everytime I would visit the dentist, they would take my blood pressure and everytime it would read high. So they suggest I see a doctor, wherein it was confirmed that my blood pressure was high. I have been put in medication to bring it down, and it does go down incrementally. But I am anxious for the corrective dental (not only cosmetic, but I have a condition where the jaw bones have been slowly eroding since I was young) surgery. How does hypertension affect my health in prepartion for surgery?

Written By Nurse007

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  • B.Woorley January 15, 2009, 9:38 am

    Blood pressure in itself isn't a major issue but it can slightly affect surgery. It may cause a little more bleeding than usual (not that much blood anyway) due to the pressure. Being anxious at a visit can do the same thing. Taking a mild sedative an hour or so before hand such as Valium can help. The only major thing I can think of affecting it would be the medication you have been put on, check with the DDS to see if it is an issue. Also ask your MD for suggestions about how to handle a dental surgery with high blood pressure.