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Asthma Treatment Of Children

Natural Treatment of Asthma in Children 

When children at the age of five years get running nose, respiratory infections, cough, wheezing etc frequently, they can be the symptoms of Asthma. The doctor can diagnose asthma with a complete medical history of the family and also through breathing tests with the help of stethoscope and spirometer. They will also check the running nose and swollen air passage of the child.

But you can cure Asthma at home

If you know how to allow nature to cure Asthma in children using home remedies, nature will restore healthy lungs, cough, breathing difficulty, tightness of the chest etc. The frequent occurrence of running nose and other respiratory infections also will be there. Moreover, symptoms of asthma go severely at night, during cool weather, while doing exercise and when exposed to allergens.

Children get asthma due to various reasons such as heredity, Caesarian, premature birth, low weight at the time of birth, unhealthy living conditions, exposure to tobacco smoke, smoking by mothers during pregnancy, allergies, eczema, atopic dermatitis etc.

Asthma is a chronic ailment. Though it affects people of all age groups, children are more vulnerable due to the aforesaid reasons. A few precautions can prevent asthma from attacking children.

Avoid smoking and use of perfumes

Avoid the food items that will trigger asthma

Cover the mouth and nose of the child during cold climatic conditions

Keep the bedroom free of allergens and dust

Replace filter of air conditioner periodically

Natural methods of treatment are proved very effective and safe for treatment of asthma in children. Natural remedies give quick relief to the child from the breathing problems. There are various methods of natural remedy for curing asthma in children.

Warm a ripe banana over a low fl

Asthma Treatment Asthma Treatment of Children

same and sprinkle a little black pepper on it. Give the banana to the child daily to eat. He will get relief from asthma soon.

Grind a few leaves of Holy Basil (Tulsi) into a fine paste. Mix 20 ml of the paste with 13 ml of pure honey taken from the hives of small honey bees. Eat the mixture daily. This is a very effective remedy for asthma.

Daily night, before sleeping, feed the child with a few roasted grams and a glass of milk. This will clear his respiratory tract and thereby prevent attack of asthma.

Grind 250 grams of Indian Gooseberry into a fine paste and mix with 50 grams of banyan root and 125 ml of honey. Give this to the child daily in small quantities. His asthma will get subsided.

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