What’s A Good Alcohol Abuse Slogan?

I am working on a project and I need to come up with a good alcohol abuse slogan. please help (: best slogan= best answer.

To answer your query, the slogan should be based upon the mission and vision of your organization. The name of your group can also be part of the slogan. Your statement or campaign should be truthful even if it can hurt or scare people.

In fact, people need to be afraid and they need to introspect upon reading or hearing your slogan because your goal should be to make them feel that there’s a need to change. You need to make them feel that there’s a need to stop alcohol abuse. Other important information about alcohol abuse are in the links below.

Good Alcohol Abuse Slogan

Anti Alcohol Slogans
Constant drinking can lead to alcohol abuse. A lot of families have been broken down by drugs and alcoholism. This is a good article that will teach you about alcohol slogans that rhyme, alcohol company slogans, and slogans against alcohol and drugs. If you want to have a strong alcohol abuse slogan, then click the link above.

Alcohol Abuse Slogan

Alcohol Abuse Slogan

Drugs Quotes & Anti Drugs Slogans – Weed, Marijuana, Cocaine …
You’ll learn a lot from drug slogans too. Learn about how people make ad copies and designs to support their statements. You should consider the suggestions of your peers to come up with a strong campaign.

Eight Slogans for Teens That Can Change Their Life – Theravive
These eight slogans can give you ideas at how to present your statement or perspective about alcohol abuse.

Read these good write-ups from Drug Rehabs and The Fresh Quotes for additional information about alcohol abuse.

An Entertaining and Informative Video About Alcohol Abuse.


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  • JOHN B April 13, 2009, 9:05 pm

    Dont drink and drive! "Drink then drive"