I Think I Have Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Or ADHD. Kinda Long?

The symptoms are just what I have. On both pages. And if I do have it and my doctor doesn’t, like, think about it or notice it what do I do? If I tell her my mom would be like I’m stupid and she would go into a fit of calling me these names like all the time. She calls me Stupid, useless,retarded, and bastard. And it hurts. so I don’t want to tell my doctor in front of her. Please Help. Thank you! I might also have Bi-Polar symptoms.


To answer your query, it’s still best to tell your mother about your situation because she’ll understand for sure. Parents do understand even if they call you names sometimes. If you feel that you have OCD or ADHD, you can talk to them about it. You can also consult your elder siblings, cousins, or uncles if you’re more comfortable that way. Below are some article links that can help you out.

OCD and ADHD Dual Diagnosis Misdiagnosis and the Cognitive
ADHD is an externalizing disorder even if they are different in terms of clinical presentation and brain activity. And you’re not stupid just because you have them. Learn from this article such as the difference between OCD and ADHD, ADD and OCD symptoms, and ADHD and anxiety in children.


It’s important to understand the difference between OCD And ADHD

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You can or you should also share this article to your parents if they need to increase their understanding of OCD and ADHD.

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Learn the connection and differences between the two. Learn about OCD and ADD together, and ADHD and anxiety in children.

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  • PRINTS March 1, 2009, 4:49 pm

    You might need to think about getting a different doctor if your doctor is not listening to you. Look up this book, which you can purchase for next to nothing online (used booksites like half.com or abebooks.com): "Allergies and the Hyperactive Child", by Dr. Doris Rapp. Read it all, cover to cover, and just ignore the way it is titled, because even within the book it suggests that it is for anyone, even adults – I think you will be glad you read it. Then decide what you think about the symptoms and how it might relate to you. But, please, don't listen to anyone when they call you stupid or anything else like that. Try to do the best you can at the things you do. Try to keep lists, if that helps. Do whatever you can to keep organized to the best of your ability. Some people find that studying close to a test helps, and some people find that listening to music while studying helps. It is all dependent upon what helps you. Do your best and claim success each time you do something you are proud of, even if it is a very small success, like remembering something you would usually forget. Keep complimenting yourself so that you remember those good things.

    If you sit down with your mother at a calm time and talk to her about what you are thinking, what do you think might happen? Do you think she would listen to you, then? Either way, keep giving yourself credit each and every time you succeed at something, appreciate everything about yourself that you can, and read the book. It could be very helpful to you. Also try writing down everything about yourself that you like, appreciate, each good quality no matter how small, each thing that any person might think is kind of nice. Then use that list to remind yourself of what a nice person you are. And keep adding to it.