Epilepsy Stress, Know It Better

Epilepsy Stress, Understand It Better

Epilepsy Stress, Understand It Better

I’m not going to lie, I smoked a ton of marijuana for the past 5 years (1-10 times daily) and have recently quit. Also for the past year or two I’ve been on pain killers and very stressed because I was unable to sleep or barely breathe from a sports injury which basically broke all my ribs and cartilage and my ribs were trapping my lungs so i couldn’t breathe, but anyway I just quit everything and I am trying to rehab and lately I’ve been feeling weird kind of dazed and confused.

Not sure if its withdrawal because its been close to 2 months since I quit weed. My friend has epilepsy and my symptoms seem close to what he describes but not as intense, I can still talk and communicate but I feel totally in another zone by myself when this comes on. Its usually at night after a long day.

Are there any tests for epilepsy?

can stress alone cause it?

can drug addiction cause it?

thanks for your time.

To answer your query, stress can contribute to epilepsy. To suffer from epilepsy is really disturbing. It is also embarrassing especially if you are protecting your image too much. Seizure and epilepsy can happen even to young people so if you feel that you’re suffering from epilepsy stress symptoms, it is a must that you communicate with a physician right away. The links or articles that I have posted below might help you at one way or another.

Epilepsy Stress

Stress and Epilepsy | Epilepsy Foundation
Stress can trigger seizures. You should know the frequency of stress triggering  seizure. Learn everything that you can understand about epilepsy and stress through this helpful article.

Stress and Epilepsy | UC Epilepsy Center
This write-up is very helpful. You can learn a lot from it such as can stress cause seizures in children, how are seizures triggered, stress induced seizures treatments, factitious seizures, seizures caused by stress and lack of sleep, munchausen’s syndrome, dissociative seizures, and PNES treatment.

There’s so much to learn about epileptic stress with the help of this YouTube video so watch it.

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  • Trisha April 15, 2009, 11:36 am

    There are tests you get done for epilepsy, they are MRI's , EEG's, 24 hr EEG's and they are the ones that I had done.

    Stress can help bring it on, I worked at home on a farm plus a full time job with mandatoried OT. My Dr's told me that was a large contributing factor.

    No idea about drug addiction causing it.

    Glad to help with my answers.