Home And Natural Remedies For Joint Pain

Here are Home and Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Nowadays, there are supplements and herbal natural remedies for joint pains. Most mild to moderate joint pains can be cured at home, especially hand joint pain.

Based on studies, joint pain can arise in any part of the body, but it is mostly common in the knees, hips, and shoulders. Usually, the pain ranges from mild to severe. If not for natural remedies for joint pain, it can also swell and stiffen in one or more joints.

It can have symptoms such as strain, sprain, ligament problems, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and tendinitis.

If the pain is accompanied by redness and swelling and lasts longer than the usual, a doctor should be consulted for its cure. But, before treating your pain, you should assess first if it is mild to moderate knee pain. If it is only mild, you can use a natural remedy for joint pain. There are many options that one can try at home.

Natural Remedies Knee Joint Pain

If you strained your knee, the RICE first aid is effective: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Rest your feet and apply cold compress or a bag of ice to your knee. After this, wrap your knee with compression bandage to prevent the swelling. Do not compress tightly so that blood will still be allowed to circulate. As you rest your knee, make sure that it is elevated.

If the joint pain is caused by mild arthritis, there are natural diets that are already tried and tested.
There are also natural remedies for joint pain that can be applied.

The extract of willow bark. It is known to be used by herbalists to cure fever, pain, and inflammation. It has a salicin that is a pain reliever and is anti-inflammatory.

Massage Therapy. It relieves you from joint pains for it helps circulate more blood to the affected area. In some studies, it was stated that regular massage therapies can show improvement in the affected joint. It was also suggested to use warm herbal oils when massaging such as coconut and olive oil.

Alternate hot and cold compress. These can further help alleviate joint pains. During hot compress, the pain will lessen and increase the flow of the blood. It will also help the sore muscles to relax. Then, cold compress eases the inflammation on the affected areas.

Enroll in a Tai Chi class. This ancient Chinese mind and body exercise can improve one’s flexibility and balance. This natural remedies for joint pain lessens the pain and upturns range of motion. Also, it teaches mental discipline to help in coping with enduring pain.

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain in Hands

Arthritis in the hands is one of the common arthritis areas that can be cured through natural or home remedies. Joint pain in the hands is a result of the cartilage’s breakdown that supports the bone structure. When you have this, you usually feel uncomfortable and agitated.

Here are some natural remedies for joint pain you can do at home:

Drink warm water with apple cider vinegar. This miracle vinegar has an anti-inflammatory property. Also, this is an alkaline-forming property that lessens pain and stiffness in the hands.

Turmeric. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that help cure arthritis. Some prefer to put a teaspoon to their warm milk while some prefer to add it on warm water.

Eat Fenugreek Seeds. This also has anti-inflammatory effects that help lessen the joint pains in your hands.

Eat food with omega-3 fatty acids. It is usually found in fishes such as salmon and tuna. This could also help in curing inflammation in the joints.

If the pains won’t be cured through these natural remedies for joint pain, better consult your doctor and ask for the appropriate medication for your pain.

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